Smallest Spy Camera

Making Good Use of Even the Smallest Spy Camera

Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes from those used to take pictures and video from far away that fit into a small suitcase to those that are so small they are hard to detect even when you know where they are supposed to be. When you are trying to secure your house without letting other people know that you are recording them on video you need the smallest video camera you can find. With the speed at which technology is changing cameras are getting smaller constantly.

Picture of Ultra-small Wireless CCTV Spy Camera Security System.

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Some of the smallest spy cameras can be built into a box of matches or even an ink pen. So the next time you see a shelf of aerosol cans, look carefully one of them might have a tiny pinhole spy camera in it looking back at you. This can come in handy when you need to hide a camera to see what is happening in your home or office when you are away and worried about what is going on.

If you are on the move and need to keep a video record of an event that is about to take place, you can be just like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and wear a pair of spy camera sunglasses and use a spy cam recorder to save a video of everything that you see while you have the recorder turned on. This might come in handy when you are dealing with an ex-wife or making a questionable business deal that you are afraid you might have problems with later.

Display of Mini Spy Camera.

While maybe not the smallest spy cam the one over the top of many cash registers in most stores has become a very useful tool in the never ending battle to end employee theft. They also come in handy in case someone comes in and robs your business.

Even the smallest spy camera now produces a very clear colour picture and is capable of recording at night with the use of infra red LEDs to give the camera night vision. Add in the fact that even the smallest spy cam can record sound giving the owner a complete picture of what is going on.

Even the smallest spy camera is an incredibly complex piece of equipment. They work just like a full size TV camera in that it uses a lens and a recorder or transmitter to capture the video.

The lens of your tiny camera can be exceptionally small and still capture a very clear picture in a wide field of view, often the lens is less than one inch in diameter and with the pinhole spy camera can be as small as a couple of millimeters across.

Beyond the lens is the video capture device, in some cases the spy camera comes with a built in recording device. These built in recorders come in sizes from 128 mb to over one hundred gigabytes that are capable of recording many hours of video without having to be downloaded and erased. Other cameras contain a tiny receiver that broadcast the video and audio signal to a receiver that is attached to either a digital video recorder or a computer that can record and store the information for later viewing.