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What to Look for in Cheap Spy Cameras

The idea of home security cameras is nothing new, people in upscale homes have been using them for years, in many cases supplied by home security monitoring companies. Before the advent of the hidden spy camera all a home security system was capable of monitoring was a fire or the doors and windows if a burglar broke in. With the advent of cheap spy cameras it is now within anyone's reach to be able to place one or more cameras around their home to add to their home security system.

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Not only can you add a cheap spy camera to your home security system, but there is a wealth of accessories available to improve the range of uses for your hidden spy camera such as motion sensors, proximity detectors that you can install in your yard and driveway, and the usual range of glass breakage detectors and door switches. If you take the time to install all of the modern security devices your home will be as secure as the Tower of London.

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When you set out to buy cheap security cameras, you need to do a little homework as like anything else you buy not all cameras are created equal. You will find many cheap cameras that claim to have fantastic video and sound quality, but most of them do not.

There are some that will provide you with a clear picture and decent sound but you need to read other customer reviews before you buy to make sure you are not wasting your money.

If you are looking for a cheap spy camera that you can put almost anywhere to keep an eye on people without their knowledge you probably need a pinhole spy camera. These tiny spy cameras are small enough that you can easily hide one in a small stuffed animal or even on the top of your desk.

The most popular form of the pinhole spy camera comes in the form of a pen. The lens is in the top of the pen on some models and in the side on others, while they may not be capable of taking clear video when the camera is moving they take very good video when placed on a desk or in a pen holder.

Many types of cheap spy camera use an internal memory that stores the video until you are ready to download it into a DVR or your PC. A USB spy camera makes use of an internal memory to store the video and then has a USB connector so that you can plug it directly into the DVR or PC and download the video.

If you plan to install any form of spy camera, cheap or otherwise you need to make sure that you check with the laws where you live. Often there are laws that require you to let the local police know that you have installed a security system, in other areas you are required to post notices that you have hidden surveillance equipment in use, especially in a business.

Prices for spy cameras can start as low as £20 or less and run into the hundreds depending on the capabilities you want your camera to have. In some instances people use one or two active cameras and then place decoy cameras elsewhere as a way to make people think twice before they do anything illegal.